My floristry journey

It took my biggest loss to make me level up…
but as a Mum of three from Plymouth, and 38 years happily married to Dave I had no idea of what was was to come.
Back in 1998 I had two school age girls and my young son starting infant school, and I was eager to to do something creative and artistic that would contribute to our family income. I felt fortunate to have inherited some of my late Dad’s artistic ability and was hugely passionate about interior design, hairdressing and floristry. I decided then that I would invest in my future and in me by enrolling on a qualification course in floral design at my local college.
I loved being hands on, and I gave 100% during my course. It was just what I needed and once I’d completed my studies.
I relished the chance to work in a Plymouth city centre florist. Fast forward 10 fabulous years and my sister’s wedding in 2007 was my opportunity to set up on my own. Busy Blooms was born when I designed all her wedding flowers, and my heart was booming with pride on her beautiful and special day.
I was thrilled to have my own business, working from home, building my customer base and giving clients my individual care and attention, specialising in wedding and funeral designs. But the last three years have hit me hard, and so many others. Sadly in 2019 I lost my beloved husband to lung cancer and I thought about giving Busy Blooms up altogether. It was so very hard to come to terms with our loss, and little did I know that a worldwide pandemic was coming next.
But deep down I knew that Dave would have urged me to carry on, to make him proud and to never give up my passion. That truth was what I needed – not just to keep going, but to level up. I have worked my socks off growing Busy Blooms to offer more than ever before: wedding venue designs, flower walls, floral arches and  and funeral designs.
As someone recently bereaved, I know how hard it can be to consider flowers at a time of such deep pain. I am very sensitive to a clients situation, and take their needs very seriously when supplying funeral designs for a loved one. I offer funeral designs in partnership with a new and local family business, SouthWest Funeral Care, and at Busy Blooms I continue to offer a one on one service creating bespoke designs personal to you. I endeavour to make your experience a good one.
I can’t wait to share more about the next chapter of Busy Blooms with you, so please keep an eye out for my next blog.
Your feedback on my story and my very first blog would be fabulous – please leave a comment!
Sending love Avril x